WakeUp NMB’s June General Membership Meeting: Addressing Residents’ Concerns


At WakeUp NMB, our mission is to foster community engagement and ensure that the voices of North Miami Beach residents are heard. At our June General Membership Meeting, instead of having a scheduled guest speaker, we dedicated the gathering to discussing various ideas and concerns from our community members. The turnout and input were insightful, reflecting the passion and dedication of our residents towards improving our city.

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Resident Engagement: Despite our continuous efforts to encourage citizen participation in commission meetings, we recognize that not everyone can attend or feels comfortable speaking in public. Many residents have shared their frustrations about unresolved issues even after raising them at meetings, emailing elected officials, or contacting city staff.

WakeUp NMB represents a broad spectrum of our community, and we aim to bridge the gap between residents and their local government. As part of this initiative, we will periodically send emails to city officials, highlighting the key concerns and suggestions from our meetings. This post outlines the first of such efforts.

Key Concerns Raised by Residents:

  1. Recycling Practices:
    • Issue: A resident from Highland Village observed recycling being dumped into the same truck as regular garbage.
    • Request: We would like visual confirmation (pictures) of these trucks to verify their design and functionality. This transparency will help residents understand the service they are paying for.
  2. Recycling Schedule Awareness:
    • Issue: Frustration over changes in recycling schedules and non-compliance by neighbors.
    • Request: Clarification on measures taken to inform residents about recycling schedules and rules.
  3. Recycling Tour:
    • Issue: Eileen Damaso from Coastal Waste and Recycling mentioned organizing a tour of the recycling plant.
    • Request: Guidance on whether this should be coordinated directly with her or through the city.
  4. Street Cleanliness:
    • Issue: A new resident raised concerns about the trash on our streets, particularly from Sunray East to Planet Fitness on 163rd Street.
    • Request: Clarification on whether Coastal Waste or the Public Works department is responsible for street cleanliness.
  5. Pool Hours:
    • Issue: The city pool closes at 4:30 pm, other city pools include days with later hours. 
    • Request: Consideration for extending pool hours during the summer.
  6. Beautification Team Responsibilities:
    • Issue: Confusion about the responsibilities of the Beautification Team within Public Works.
    • Request: Information on their roles, especially concerning street cleanliness.
  7. Speeding along Snake Creek Canal:
    • Issue: Ongoing problems with speeding, with speed humps proving ineffective.
    • Request: Updates on measures taken to address speeding and additional actions planned.
  8. Homelessness:
    • Issue: An increase in homelessness in the Uleta, Oak Grove, and 163rd Street areas.
    • Request: Steps the city can take to find proper shelter for the homeless that ensures their safety and alleviate concerns of residents and businesses owners.
  9. Mosquito Control:
    • Issue: High mosquito activity and questions about jurisdiction.
    • Request: Clarification on whether mosquito control is managed by Miami-Dade County or the city.
  10. Fix It NMB App:
    • Issue: Anticipation for the operational status of the Fix It NMB app and website.
    • Request: Information on when the app will be available for efficient issue reporting.


We eagerly await responses from our city officials and look forward to collaborating to address these concerns. WakeUp NMB is dedicated to shining a light on local government and ensuring that our community’s voices are heard. Our commitment to transparent, accountable, and responsible governance is unwavering, and we believe that through collective effort, we can make North Miami Beach an even better place to live, work and play.

Stay tuned for updates on these issues and more in our upcoming posts. Your engagement and support are crucial to our mission.

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